Nail Your Niche Implementation Retreat

Nail Your Niche – An Implementation Day Workshop with Mellissa This workshop is designed to be a one-day discovery process for you to find or refine your ideal niche – the entry problem that makes you a specialized expert, and helps you easily attract new clients.  You can walk through these modules all in one […]

Academy Class Recordings

Channel Your Genius Academy Class Recordings In these recordings, we will be diving into all things Channel Your Genius Academy. We will be discussing healing, training and most of all, transformation.

Quiz Implementation Retreat

Quiz Retreat In these recordings from our live implementation retreat, you’ll learn how to identify what you want your lead generating quiz to do, how to choose which people to target with your quiz, and how to write your questions/answers.

Perfect Talk Implementation Retreat

Perfect Talk Implementation Retreat In these recordings of our live implementation retreat, I will guide you through the steps to create your own Signature Talk – a talk you can adapt for many uses, including webinars and live speaking engagements!

Channel Your Business

Channel Your Business Make money with integrity by offering your natural Genius as your Valuable Expertise. Choose the right business and strategy that match your Genius. Activate your unique Manifesto so you stay motivated, enthused, and magnetic. Choose the perfect strategic niche that leaves room for your many gifts and talents. Anchor your pricing & […]

Channel Your People

Channel Your People Draw your perfect clients to you! I want to show you how to attract clients with compassionate conversations and authentic power. Go from hustling to find new people, feeling sometimes bored by your own clients, to sometimes burnt out on the stressy marketing hamster wheel, to resting as an expert, and letting […]

Channel Your Academy

Channel Your Academy Work smarter not harder! Serve your people better while working less and making more. Identify your Big Offering, your Brand, and your Content Delivery Plan, so you can then create your Academy Plan – to raise your value while you deliver your sacred work in leveraged ways. You’ll create the plan for […]

Channel Your Course

Channel Your Course Your vision, your intention, and your plan are so important in creating a successful online course, or group learning program. Too many people just throw their favorite offerings together in a list, and call it an online course. But this sort of assemblage just creates confused students who roll their eyes, feel […]

Broadcast Your Genius

Broadcast Your Genius Soul Gifted Entrepreneurs transmit wisdom, healing, and good mojo into the world.  And in these times, we need to get the good messages out to as many people as we can. But many soul-gifted entrepreneurs are not seen, not found, not heard.  Sometimes they are even or hiding the spotlight, because they […]

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