Valuable Expert – Niche Class

Valuable Expert – Niche Class Welcome to this short fun course which has the power to make attracting clients to your sacred work EASY. If you are not readily understood, valued, and paid for your sacred work every time you talk about it, you need what we offer right here in this fun little video […]

Transmitter Empowerment

Transmitter Empowerment Transmitters are easily taken down.  It’s part of the deal when you are a sensitive empathic highly refined energetic being.  Protection is not an extra.  It’s a survival level necessity. Without etheric protection, Transmitters can enter depression, feel ill, and lose mental abilities and connection with the world. Most Transmitters grow up trying […]

Genius Revealer

Welcome to Genius Revealer! Congratulations! You are about to learn some of the most important things about yourself, in this simple yet elegant little online course, the Genius Revealer. First, you’ll learn more about your intrinsic gifts, and the right role you are here to play in the world.  Then you’ll learn about the type […]

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