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MODULE FIVE: Clearing the blocks to claiming your expertise

Introduction: I know, as we put this together, your gremlins will rise!  It may seem overwhelming, or you may find general resistance to getting specific.  This is typical, and we all go through it!  So at this point, I want to make sure you have a powerful CLEARING Clearing the blocks to claiming your expertise.  […]

MODULE FOUR: Your Magic Words to Describe your Sacred Work

In this module, you’re going to learn the MOST important bit of copy/text that you need for your business! That is – your elevator speech, or how to answer the question “what do you do?” When you can answer that question with a clear, story-based engaging answer that positions the value of your work – […]

MODULE THREE: Nail Your Niche!

Introduction: Before I teach you how to choose a niche, I will be speaking to your resistance!  There are so many misconceptions among spirit-inspired entrepreneurs about The Dreaded Niche!  We don’t want to feel trapped.  We don’t want to dumb our deep work down.  We don’t want to focus too narrowly, because we have BIG […]

MODULE TWO: Clarify Who You’re Here for!

Introduction: In this module, you’re invited to choose ONE type of person you’d really love to serve.  YES, I know you can  serve LOTS of different types of people.  And you will!  But one essential part of claiming your Valuable Expertise is to specify JUST ONE type of person.  Here, you’ll dare to go one […]

MODULE ONE: Welcome to Your Valuable Expertise

Welcome to this short fun course which has the power to make attracting clients to your sacred work EASY.  If you are not readily understood, valued, and paid for your sacred work every time you talk about it, you need what we offer right here in this fun little video course.  You need clarity.  You […]

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