Module 1: Introduction Copy

#1 Introduction

Welcome to Channel Your Business!  This is a business creation (or renovation) course for channels of genius – business owners who are devoted to offering a transformative business based on their deepest gifts and soul’s calling.

This is not business as usual. But it is grounded in strategy, clarity, and the art of meeting people where they are. It is about truly serving your people. It’s not about creating a business that feeds only your ego.  It is about creating a business that feeds your pocketbook as well as your soul, in partnership with the source of genius that called you to your sacred work.


Here, you’re going to turn your vision into a reality.

Here, you’re going to dare to be specific, and to explain your work in simple clarity that your new clients can understand.

Here, you’re going to dare to get organized, systemized, and bold.

Here, I will give you the steps and practices you need to finally be understood, valued, and paid well for your soul’s work.

So it’s time to set your intentions, set your determination, and set time in your calendar for actually doing the work that is necessary to birth a business in the real world!

#2 Welcome

Welcome to this class, and to this intentional field!  This is not business as usual.  But it is a journey towards clarity!  To get there, you’ll need to be willing to receive feedback and critique, from Mellissa but also from potential clients!  You’ll be called on to admit when you need help, or when you’re struggling with internal gremlins.  And while you’re going to get all the tools and guidance you need, it is YOU who needs to take action in the real world to create your business!  That’s why this module is all about setting your determination, your intentions, and your schedule.

(at mark 12:00) Experiential CLEARING of your past business failures.  Let’s clear out the past so you can step into your future!

(at mark 26:00) Set your sacred INTENTIONS for this class.  What are you calling in?  Let’s invoke the help to power you on this journey.  Set your strength.  Make your promises to yourself. And be your own best cheerleader and coach.  We are here to support you!

#3 Leveraged/Academy Track

#4 Complete the Genius Revealer Course

If you haven’t taken the Genius Revealer, please do so now. In this mini-course, which is designed to coordinate with this Channel Your Genius course, you learn which of the 25 Role types you are, and what you theme/purpose is in your life.

#5 Clarify Your Intentions Worksheet

1.) Once you’ve completed the Genius Revealer, you are invited to set your intentions for this course.

2.) Calendar the Time and Rewards!  – Facing challenges like getting specific and clear, setting boundaries, and talking to the humans!

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