Module 2: Clarify Your People and Your Purpose Copy

# 1: Introduction

There are people in the world, right now, who are waiting for you.  They are struggling, and they are wishing they had an ally, a teacher, a healer… someone who knows the path, and who can guide them with truly inspired wisdom and grounded tools that create real results.  These are your people.

Of course you could help lots of different kinds of people. But in order to tap the magnetic power of your Calling, and to create a valued expertise, you need to get specific. That’s the challenge of this module.  It’s time to get specific about Your People!

The more specific you get, the more power your invitations will hold. And your powerful invitations, sent out for this one kind of person, will ALSO attract other people who you are destined to serve.  But if you don’t get specific, no one will feel the calling. It’s critical that you specify who you are here for. And that’s what we’re going to do in this module.

# 2: It’s not about YOU… It’s about your Avatar!

Watch this training video from class to learn more about WHY you need to choose an Avatar to focus on as your ideal client…

# 3: Focus on your Avatar to Create Compelling Content

Here, you will learn how to choose your Avatar – an example client with a very specific starting problem you help them solve, so that you can focus your message enough to draw new paying clients without working hard at explaining yourself or convincing them of your value!

#4 Connect with your Avatar in 13 Minutes

It’s time to deeply connect – soul-to-soul -with your destined ideal client.  Your Avatar. I’m not talking about the amazing movie Avatar – nope! I’m talking about an icon/representation of your ideal client!  This 13 minute Avatar Meditation (audio recording) will guide you through the process of clarifying ONE ideal client for you to focus on.

Even though you can serve LOTS of different types of folks, it’s very important that you choose ONE imaginary client to focus on.  By addressing just ONE avatar, your business will start to make more sense and more money, PLUS it will attract lots other folks – you will NOT be limited by specifying one Avatar!  By working through this guided meditation, you will make deep and potent contact with the Avatar your soul came here to serve, and thus understand your business, and your ideal clients, and your soul’s service – better than ever.

And after you listen to this Meditation, answer the questions for your Avatar in your worksheet for this module.  You should also interview folks who are LIKE your Avatar, and ask them the questions in your worksheet.  Because with this information, you will have the right words and approach to draw new clients more easily, using the magnetic power of your connection!

#5 Interview Your Avatar

Now that you know who your Avatar is, and you’ve imagined how they think and feel, you’re challenged to find out from real people who are like your Avatar if you are right! 🙂 You’ll do this by informally interviewing 5-10 people who are just like your Avatar.

This is a critical step.  It’s also a challenge and for many, intimidating. You will want to skip it.  But you cannot, if you want to have a successful business!

Your job is to find 5-10 people who fit the general description of your Avatar, and who struggle with the problem you’ve identified as your niche.  How do you find them? You ask friends. You post on Facebook. You find places where people go to solve that problem, and you find them! Yes, even if they are strangers.  They will likely say yes. Some may say no! If you want to be in business, it’s time to get used to hearing “No” sometimes!

When you invite them, describe their concerns to show you understand.  “Do you know this type of person struggling in this way with this problem? I’m looking to interview 10 of these people for market research, and I’ll be happy to give them my free support, tips, guidance in return….”  Ask these people if you can spend 30 minutes interviewing them, and in return, (if they want) you promise to give them 30 minutes of time advising and helping them on this problem/issue.  Then you schedule a meeting or phone call with them, and you let them know you’ll be recording it so you can take note of their responses for your market research.

Adapt these 12 Questions (with sub-questions) with your niche and voice:

  1. What is your greatest challenge? (particularly in the area of your service/niche)
    1. What’s your greatest challenge when it comes to … solving this problem?
    2. What’s scaring you about this?
    3. What do you need help with in this process?
  2. What is your greatest hope?  With work, what do you think could be possible in terms of resolving this issue?
    1. What would be your greatest hope in walking through this process of…?
    2. What are you hoping I can do for you?
  3. What would be different in your life if this problem were solved?
    1. What is your positive vision of life once you have… solved this problem?
  4. How much do you imagine you could improve in this area?
    1. What’s your hope for how much better things could be if you got the help you need.
  5. Who else do you turn to for help with this?
    1. Who are you currently using to support you in this journey towards… ?
    2. Do you have a therapist or counselor or helper of another kind already?
  6. What are your fears if you don’t get this problem fixed?
    1. What’s the worst case scenario you’re imagining if you aren’t able to …?
    2. What scares you in this process?
    3. What does your critical voice say is going to happen?
  7. What is this problem costing you in time, money, and energy?
  8. How is this problem affecting your relationships?
  9. How is this problem affecting your money/business?
  10. How is this problem affecting your health?
  11. How much would you pay to get that improvement?
    1. If you knew you could get this help – that would get you to your positive vision, what would that be worth to you?
    2. Do you have a budget in mind for getting the help you want
    3. How much have you invested already to make this shift?
  12. How would you feel about having someone to help you solve this problem?
    1. How would you feel if you knew there was someone who could walk through this with you in all the ways you desire –
    2. What if you found the perfect helper – what would they be like?

The most important thing – ask simple open ended questions (not leading suggestive questions) and LISTEN to their answers.  Listen to the words THEY use.  Record it!

This can be a really FUN process, and a great opportunity for you to meet the REAL people you can really serve.  Take this challenge on, and get to it!

***NOTE: If you want more detailed info about your avatar, how to choose one, and how to utilize them, please see Additional Resources for a bonus training on this topic! ***

#6 Clarify Your People Worksheet

Fill out this worksheet to solidify the connection with your perfect client, as represented by your Avatar.

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