Module 3: Attract New Clients Copy

#1 Introduction

Now that you know who you’re here for, and the general journey this person is on, it’s time to find the magic words that get the attention of a brand new client – one who has not experienced your magic yet.

Unless you want to spend all your time giving “free taste” sessions to random folks, you need to have the right words to draw in new clients without hustle or waste. People are desperate for solutions to their most urgent problems. They have no time or money for some stranger (you) for anything except fixing the urgent problem.

That’s why you must choose an urgent problem to solve, and you should do this strategically. A “Niche” is just the entryway to your deeper work. It is the problem you solve FIRST for Your People.

Watch the Niche training series to understand this fully, and then choose a niche for yourself.

#2 Nail Your Niche to Draw the Right Students/Clients

#3 Attract Your Clients Worksheet

Fill out this worksheet to clarify your niche and how to describe what you do, so you can attract clients and raving fans every time you speak about your work.

#4 Additional Resources

Check out the first class video where we walk through the Genius Revealer course together.

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