Module 4: Create Your Manifesto Copy

#1 Introduction

Now that you have your Avatar, Niche, and What Do You Do statement, it’s time to refine and charge up your description!

You see, this is a process! Many of the most successful businesses (including mine) are continually refining and improving the way we describe the work we do. So now it’s time to get even more passionate and story-based about how you describe your sacred work.

In this module, we will be crafting your Manifesto (or sometimes I call it my Wombanifesto!) This will add more juice, more passion, more magnetism, and more MAGIC to how you talk about what you do. You’ll use the words and feedback you’ve received in your Avatar interviews.

You’ll tap the power of your Calling to this work. And you’ll use the magnetic magic of intention and story-telling to attract your perfect peeps.

#2 The WHY of your Work, your Group, Your Academy

#3 Your Manifesto Worksheet

Fill out this worksheet to tap the power of your WHY and also the magnetism of your connection with your clients-to-be!

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