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Why do gifted intuitive entrepreneurs struggle to attract the right clients and get paid well?

From working with intuitives for the past 20 years, I can tell you…we need special training and support! Here’s why…

I get it. I’ve been there myself.
And I’ve helped so many folks create a different reality…

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VIP Quiz Creation Package – a limited time opportunity with Mellissa

So many colleagues have been asking me to offer this quiz design work again. This may be the last time I do this, but it feels important!

I have a system for creating quizzes that is ideal for people who do deep, transformative, or spiritual work.  And that’s who I care about.

Got spiritual or deep work? It’s such a pain to try to explain the depth of what you do, over and over.

And if you’re a Projector in Human Design, or just a sensitive empath, you probably don’t like push marketing, pitching, and otherwise constantly hustling.

Your Quiz can save the day like it did for me. 

Welcome to

Channel Your Genius Academy, the unique all-inclusive
program for intuitive entrepreneurs

Hey, I’m with you.

I went from being a Stanford-educated attorney to being an accidentally awakened psychic in the year 2000. Even though I’d been an expert in business as a lawyer, I found myself struggling to make sense of my new profound gifts to myself and to my potential clients.

“I’m a shamanic facilitator of deep soul level release work” just didn’t make sense to most folks. It took me years (and some very expensive help) to finally claim the right words to describe what I do. Now spiritually awakening professionals fly me on private jets and pay me $2,000/hour to do intuitive work that helps them lead world-class companies and create world-saving technologies.

We gifted intuitives do such good work. But I realize that too many are STRUGGLING to make clear sense of their inspired work, to make great money, to draw plenty of clients so their businesses don’t drain the heck out of them.

That’s why I created Channel Your Genius Academy.

This unique one-year training and support program provides step-by-step training, clearings, community, live weekly events, implementation challenges, and deep support and feedback. It has everything that sensitive gifted people need to go from the struggle and overwhelm to easeful natural success.

Unlike other programs, here you get lots of access to the main experts in weekly LIVE classes/events and direct coaching from Mellissa and Elyna.  We don’t just dump you into a bunch of recordings with no support.

We guide you through implementation sprints each month so you get it DONE.

You’ll create alongside peeps who get you. You’ll get feedback, spiritual support, strategic help, and palpable uplifting energies with a sweet community of channels of genius from all over the world.

Here, you can create a future of ease and abundance that will lift up your soul’s path as a lucrative rewarding business. Please. It’s time to get help to do this right. You’re invited to join us in Channel Your Genius Academy.

What past students have

Said about their experience in the Channel Your Genius Academy

Choose Academy to learn and DIY with support or VIP Package to have Mellissa design, edit, and promote your Quiz!

In the Academy, you get live weekly classes. Personalized coaching every week. And the potent clearings and spiritual support that will allow you to expand and prosper with full integrity. With the VIP level, you ALSO get Mellissa designing your ideal quiz.  

Watch the video to hear students talk about the Academy.


Access All The Business Creation Courses:



EVERY Thursday at noon PST, you’ll enjoy LIVE masterclass with training, clearing, coaching, implementation support.

EVERY month we focus on something important to implement or upgrade. Mellissa leads a training and an associated clearing.  Elyna and Mellissa guide and coach you through implementing the task.  For example:

Monthly implementation themes keep us moving forward as a community and creating real results!


We have two levels in the Academy. Basic members are here to watch and learn, and “do-it-themselves,” without Spotlight Coaching on their specific business. This is for people who want to learn but not necessarily swiftly implement.

Premium members get monthly one-on-one sessions with Elyna, bi-annual personal channeled info with Mellissa, and Spotlight Coaching in calls and forum. In other words, they get tons of personalized support while they implement the pieces that create a lucrative business. 

VIP members also receive at this premium level, plus they get extra one-on-one strategic design done with Mellissa.


Our community forum is a private place to get your questions answered, and to receive support and camaraderie in our delightful community of channels of genius from all over the world! We have moved ourselves OFF of the soul and time-sucking portal of Facebook groups so that we can be even more present, contain our energies together, and find the sweet integrity of privacy and sacred space.

Build your Quiz and Biz with Mellissa

You have TWO options!

Premium Academy: Create your Quiz in 8-12 weeks in the Academy, with live weekly classes, monthly implementation challenges, and even clearings to keep you going on the path.  You’ll have monthly sessions and self-guided recorded Retreat Days to take you step-by-step through building your own fantastic QUIZ and follow-up.   BONUS: you get access to the FULL academy for a year, so you can also utilize the training and coaching to create your social media marketing, write your signature talk, build online courses & memberships, and MORE!


VIP QUIZ Package: You’ll get EVERYTHING mentioned above for Premium Academy folks, PLUS Mellissa will design your archetype quiz with you personally, through three private sessions, extra support, and a private LIVE online implementation 2-day retreat.  (All of this is worth an additional $20,000 on top of the $6,950 Academy) But with this VIP special package, available this week only for 15 people  –  your investment is $14,950.

Click below, toggling between “one-pay” and “payments” to see your payment options for these two levels…


Most business development and training programs with this level of high-touch support cost $10,000-$20,000. We know that. But we are deeply called to offer this Academy at a rate where gifted intuitives can not only afford the training at first but where they can find an ongoing supportive community that will lift them up for years.

One Pay


Full Academy with Coaching


Designed with Mellissa



Like you, I care about how I do marketing.  I’m not interested in pushing, cajoling, or convincing.

Creating a QUIZ was the turning point in my business.

No more chasing clients.  No more convincing anyone.  No more struggling to explain the value of my work.

People take my quiz and opt IN with their whole hearts.  

I sit back and relax, as people approach ME.

As an intuitive, empath, projector-type of person… this saves my nervous system.  It creates a true magnet for the right people to come work with me.

I’ve helped over 50 people now design kick-ass quizzes for easy client attraction.  It’s intense work for me because I use my intuitive sense to talk to your soul, while I use my strategic mind to design the right words.  I use my deepest gifts to help you choose the right-fit quiz, the right archetypes for your people, and the right results and structure to move them to their core.  I use my 20 years of experience, all at once, focused entirely on you, to bring through the clarity and structure you’ve been waiting for.  

Not only do you end up with the most important tool of your business for drawing in paying clients, but you also end up with a deep connection and joy in doing your soul’s work in the world.

It is profound, incredibly valuable work.  Because I’m busy, and because it’s a LOT of bandwidth for me to provide this personalized deep-dive service to create this level of quality – I do it only once a year, for 10-15 people.  And I don’t know if I’ll do it again next year.

So if you KNOW you want an inspiring powerful quiz that represents the soul of your work, one that draws perfect-fit clients in automatically, and that you want me to do this with you…NOW is your chance.  Grab one of the 15 spots before they are gone.


You have a service to sell, and you know who you serve.  You care deeply about your clients and are ready to meet your different types of clients with compassion and understanding, through the process of Archetypes. 

Your work offers personal transformation of some kind that is valuable and needed.  You are ready to dive into creating an archetype quiz with Mellissa’s direct one-on-one help. 

You can set aside time for 3 sessions over 2 months, plus a 2-day implementation retreat, whether you attend live on May 2-3, or participate with the recordings soon thereafter.  Your quiz package will be complete by mid-June, so it’s important that you are READY to dive into this. 

The additional year-long access to the Academy will be there to make sure you have implementation support, training, and community through the rest of the year. 

But your personalized quiz work will be complete in 2 months!

Money Back Guarantee:  This applies to the portion of your payment that goes to your Academy participation: $6950 for Premium, or $3,000 for VIP Package.

If you participate fully in the Academy for one year, attending 90% of live weekly classes, working through all the class modules, filling in all the online worksheets as you go, and taking action in real life as directed in the classes to grow your biz, but after 12 months you still feel you didn’t get your value from this class, we will happily refund your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some forthright answers to the questions you might have rolling around in your head!

You know because you’re promising yourself to actually do the work. What you’ll get here in the Academy is ALL the step by step training, the support, the feedback, the clearings, and the community support to reach the goals of each class. But if you don’t come to class, don’t post in the group, don’t engage the clearings when you’re stuck, don’t ask questions, don’t receive the support that will be offered you, (if you don’t do the WORK it takes to create a business) you might avoid success. 😉   Seriously, creating and growing a business is work. We will show you what to do.  We will  guide you step-by-step.  We will be here to support you, guide you, clear you, help you course-correct when needed.   In each class in the Academy, you’ll follow a step-by-step process that will not overwhelm or lose you. You’ll have access to support including lessons, checklists, worksheets, and action steps. If you do the work, with our help, you’ll get results.

The VIP Quiz Package experience begins right away with access to the Live Classes, coaching, and community of the full Academy, which you will have access to for one full year. 

Your first one-on-one 45-minute QUIZ design session with Mellissa happens the week of April 25, after you’re guided through some questions to get you thinking about the quiz you want to make. In this first session, Mellissa helps you clarify which quiz you’ll be creating, how it will call in your perfect people, and the archetypes that fit your work. 

Then, you can participate live in two days of implementation in your intimate group, where Mellissa will guide you through creating your quiz on May 2 and 3, 11am PST – 4pm PST on both days.  Last year this retreat was a game changer for all involved.  You’ll LOVE it! 

Your Second personal design session the week of May 23 will have Mellissa writing or editing your results paragraphs, questions and answers – she will write or edit the BEST words so your quiz is juicy, fun, attractive, and it WORKS to draw in your people.  This is an art, and Mellissa is a pro. 

In between sessions, Mellissa will answer your questions directly via google docs as your quiz is completed.  Your final private session will happen the week of June 6.  By this time, you should have all the words you need to create a great quiz and the followup that gets the right clients signing up for an intro call with you! 

If you need a tech team to help you implement and publish your quiz, an option will be available for you at an additional price under $3K from Mellissa’s own quiz tech pro.  This is optional, and many folks implement their own quiz. 

Once your quiz is published and approved by Mellissa, she will PROMOTE your quiz to her email list and social media, and perhaps even on her podcast!  This is PRICELESS to get your quiz out into the world fast.

I know it’s a big decision to invest in yourself and in growing your business. I’ve done it many times myself. And this “how will I afford it” is always one voice in the mix. But I want to remind you that this is a program that will grow your business and your income. You are paying to be able to make significantly MORE money. Forever. So I encourage you to do a cost benefits sort of analysis.  This is not just another modality certificiation course.  This one teaches you to make money. So as you consider this investment, remember that you can make a lot more money when you create the systems I’m about to teach you. I know that other programs that include guidance and feedback from the actual master teacher tend to be $20K and more. I keep my program very affordable because I want to make sure that it’s accessible to those I want to lift up in the world.

If you made it this far, yah. Probably. Here’s who the Academy is designed for.

  • For people starting a brand new biz, or who have a business you are refining to scale, grow, and refine… the Academy has what you need.
  • Energetically aware, sensitive, and creative smart people who have wisdom, healing, or transformation to bring the world in the form of their service-based business.
  • Smart folks who like to balance the deep meaning of good woo stuff with real pragmatic results.
  • Leaders of integrity who care about justice including diversity and inclusion.
  • Entrepreneurs who recognize that growing a business is also a deep personal development journey. (This program is part business school, part mystery school, because that’s what sensitives need to succeed.)
  • Creatives who like both flexibility and a guiding structure. You can pick and choose which classes to take in which order. And/or you can participate in whichever implementation sprints you’d like each month.

In summary, this program is for you if you’ve got transformative work pouring through that must reach the world. It’s for you if you need to do business in compassion and integrity – not business “as usual.” It’s for you if you want to partner with spirit in creating prosperity and impact. It’s for you if you walk in both worlds. It’s for you if you are a bridge between the world of meaning and the “real” world. It’s for you if you’re ready to finally grow into a more easeful prosperous way of giving this world your best.

The Premium level of the Academy program is designed to give you all the direct support you need as you walk yourself through implementing and improving your business. We have several levels of this program, based on how much you want to do yourself, and how much you want me to do for you.

Even the basic level gives you access to all the material and the live classes, as well as support from the larger group, although you don’t get coaching on your specific business in Basic.

But regardless of your level, you can ask questions about the material at any time.  And if you are in Premium (or VIP/Premium), you can get coaching and direct feedback every dang day. Of course you have to do your part. You have to do your homework, fill in the worksheets, share them, and then we will be right there with the answers and support.

Our LIVE weekly classes happen Thursdays at 12pm PST. They happen every week throughout the full year, except we don’t do classes in August or December – just to take a break. The weekly class is one hour long. No more, no less. One hour. In that hour, we enjoy a palpable clearing and alignment exercise in the first 10-15 minutes, leveraging the incredible power of our group of channels from all over the world. Then we usually teach or share something for 20-40 minutes. Sometimes we do full on coaching the whole time. We are starting to run the classes like this: First Thursday is Mellissa teaching class.  Second Thursday is Elyna coaching through the implementation sprint.  Third Thursday is Mellissa leading a clearing or Transmission to get us through the blocks to the implementation sprint.  Fourth Thursday is Mellissa or Elyna coaching.  We often have 30-40 people on the call on any weekly class, which is hosted on Zoom. People tend to show up for the classes because honestly they are fun and the clearing leaves us all feeling so much lighter and better!

Ugh. I must say, I’ve also spent money in the past that I wish I could get back. I’ve invested in online courses that ended up being a file folder of numbered audio tracks. Boring. Dumb. Disappointing.

I’ve invested in teachers who tried to make me do it THEIR way which didn’t fit my divine path.  Nope.

One reason I created this Academy is that sensitive peeps like us need regular clearings and deep support to stay open enough to take easy action in the real world. So it may be that you simply had more of a muggle coach who didn’t know how to work with someone as deep as you. They might have been more of an analytical “follow my system” person. I’m not that. I teach you to create your own unique system to fit your own unique gifts. I show you my systems, and I show you many options for creating your own. But overall I say: Trust your gut. You’re an intuitive. Sign up when you are a Resonant Yes. I trust you. 

And I’m right here to answer any questions you have.  Email me.  Come on a Fireside Chat.  Let’s talk about it.  If I’m not the right mentor for you, I am happy to help you find the right support.  No pressure.  I just want you to do what your soul came here to do, so my kids have a better world to live in. If you’ve been injured by teachers in the past, I just want to say thank you for being open anyway.  Thank you for considering getting help anyway.  We all need help to do this thing.  Even we psychic business lawyers need help when it comes to creating our own soul’s biz. You’re not alone.

You’ve got 2 weeks after purchase to come in, look around, and ask for a refund if you don’t like the setup or whatever. But on the other hand, this is a one-year commitment for both of us. We are in this together. So after that 2 weeks, you’re committing to being IN! If you choose a payment plan, you are promising to continue making payments, regardless. It is not a subscription where you can quit and cancel whenever the going gets tough. Our commitment is what makes the program work.

People who complete one full year of the Academy often stay in for years more, because of the deep support, and how our material can take you to 7-figures and beyond in your biz.  So after your first year, you will have the option to continue month-to-month.  But this first year is your big growth year.  You need to be fully committed past that refund date.  Your life has already taught you that the magic happens when you’re committed!

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